ALDI’s latest special!

Supermarket giant ALDI has announced it will be switching to 100% renewable energy – by the end of 2021! 

ALDI is the first major Australian supermarket to commit to powering its operations with 100% renewable electricity. And as one of Australia’s 70 biggest electricity users, the change will mean a huge amount of climate-wrecking fossil fuels will never be burned.

ALDI has indicated it will meet its commitment by rolling out widespread energy efficiency measures, installing over 102,000 solar panels across 250 of its stores 6 and distribution centres, and signing agreements to buy electricity from wind projects in NSW and Victoria.

This announcement paves the way for other major supermarkets to do the same. With Coles and Woolworths each in the top 12 largest electricity using companies in Australia dozens of new wind and solar farms would be built and millions of tonnes of carbon emissions cut if these companies were to follow ALDI’s lead. 

Now more than ever, Australia needs future-proof jobs, sound investment decisions, and economic stability. ALDI’s commitment demonstrates that Australian consumers have the power to support those companies doing the right thing, and to encourage those who are yet to step up.

See here for ALDI’s fun video making the announcement, a more detailed video explainer and report on how they are making the switch to 100% renewable electricity.