ALDI leads the way for the retail industry

Signed a PPA deal with 2 wind farms in NSW & VIC
102,000 solar panels installed across 250 stores & 6 distribution centres
Emissions cut by 243,278 tonnes

On August 24 2020 ALDI Australia announced it would be powered by 100% renewable electricity by the end of 2021. This makes them the first major supermarket to commit to being powered entirely by the sun and wind.

So how are they doing it?

Energy efficiency program

ALDI set a target of reducing its carbon intensity by 40% which it achieved in 2019. By switching to more efficient LED lighting at over 90% of stores, moving to natural refrigerants and making upgrades to more energy efficient chillers, the company is cutting the energy it uses.

Rooftop solar rollout

The company has undertaken a significant solar PV rollout. By the end of 2020 102,000 solar panels will be installed across 250 of its stores and 6 distribution centres. ALDI says this is Australia’s largest commercial and industrial solar rollout to date.

Signing PPAs with wind farms

ALDI has also signed two 10 year power purchase agreements (PPAS) to buy electricity from wind projects in NSW and Victoria.

ALDI is taking 6% of the energy produced from the 336MW Dundonnell Wind Farm in Western Victoria. This will cover all of its Victorian operations.

The company will purchase nearly 20% of the output of 226MW Collector Wind Farm in the NSW Southern Tablelands will supply power for its NSW operations.

These projects are contributing to job creation across those regional areas, and beyond.

Purchase of renewable energy certificates

Finally ALDI will purchase renewable energy certificates from existing renewable energy projects for the remainder of its electricity consumption not met by the new wind and solar projects. The company’s stated goal is to continue to invest in new renewable electricity generation, and reduce the number of certificates purchased, over time.

See here for ALDI’s report Good Energy: ALDI Australia’s Commitment
To Renewables
for full details on how the company is making the switch to 100% renewable electricity.