Cheers to 100% renewable brews as another beer giant switches to clean energy

Sun-powered schooners are on the horizon this summer as even more iconic Australian beer brands will soon be brewed by the sun, with Lion announcing a commitment to power its operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2025 yesterday.

XXXX, Tooheys, Hahn, James Boags, James Squire, Little Creatures and more will all soon be powered by Australia’s abundant sun and wind resources, as Lion becomes the second major beer manufacturing company to commit to using 100% renewable electricity.

Lion is the latest in a cascade of corporate renewable energy announcements recently, as more and more businesses in Australia and around the world take action to lower their energy bills and lower their carbon emissions. The brewer also recently announced it will go beyond tackling electricity emissions with all its operations to be certified carbon neutral in 2020.

Over 210 companies globally have made 100% renewable commitments, with household names in Australia including Mars, IKEA, Google, L’Oreal and the big four banks all committing to power their operations with 100% renewable electricity.

The announcement by Lion sees it join Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) in its commitment to using 100% renewable electricity, and now leaves Asahi – manufacturer of Asahi, Peroni, Mountain Goat, Cricketer’s Arms, Estrella and Grolsch – as the only major beer manufacturer in Australia yet to commit to 100% renewable electricity.

“We hope Asahi will follow the lead of Lion and CUB in making the commitment to 100% renewable electricity soon,” Soutar added.