Coles signs PPA with solar farms, will Woolworths be next?

Coles has announced a landmark 10-year deal to build three new solar farms in regional New South Wales, which will generate enough clean renewable energy to power 39,000 homes.

According to the company’s media release, Coles will purchase more than 70% of the power generated by the three solar farms in order to meet 10% of the supermarket giant’s national power needs, becoming the first major Australian retailer to commit to buying renewable energy through a power purchase agreement.

The deal is a great first step and shows companies are now leading the way on the transition to 100% renewable energy, said Greenpeace Australia Pacific Senior Campaigner, Lindsay Soutar.

Major supermarket chains such as Coles and Woolworths are some of Australia’s biggest polluters. And Some of the world’s biggest companies – including supermarket chains Walmart and Tesco – have already made the commitment to 100% renewable.

Greenpeace’s REenergise campaign director, Lindsay Soutar says, “If even more of Australia’s biggest companies switch to 100% renewable energy, it will create thousands and thousands of future-proof jobs for Australians, modernise our energy grid, and help ensure a safe and healthy future for all.”