Kellogg’s Kellogg’s

Kellogg's is an American multinational food manufacturing company headquartered in Michigan, United States. Kellogg's produces cereal and convenience foods, with well known brands including Corn Flakes, Rice Bubbles, Special K and Nutri-Grain.

100% Renewable Electricity Commitment by 2030

Kellogg’s globally has committed to powering all their operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2050, with an interim target of 40% by 2020. Greenpeace Australia Pacific is seeking clarification as to whether the Australian operation has a plan to meet this commitment by an earlier date.

Power Purchase Agreement

Kellogg’s has signed a contract to secure renewable electricity from Beryl Solar Farm.The energy generated by the solar farm is enough to meet all of Kellogg’s NSW operations and is equivalent to the electricity needs of approximately 25,000 average NSW homes.

On-site Solar

Kellogg’s has not yet announced the installation of any on site solar for its Australian operations.

Company Pollution Information

Kellogg’s was not required to report under the National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting Scheme in 2017-18.