Nestle Australia Nestle Australia

Nestle Australia sells a wide range of foods and beverages to a large customer base across the country, ranging from coffee to snacks, baby nutrition, confectionery and more. Some prominent brands include Nescafe, Milo, Kit-Kat, Maggi Noodles and Uncle Toby's.

100% Renewable Electricity Commitment by 2030

Nestle has committed to powering its operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2025. It is a member of the RE100 initiative.

Power Purchase Agreement

Nestle has not yet announced the signing of any renewable power purchase agreement.

On-site Solar

Whilst not currently investing in on-site solar, 35% of Nestle’s energy use in Australia comes from using waste as a renewable energy source. This includes a factory at Gympie, where 65% of the energy used comes from spent coffee grounds from Nescafé production, and its Smithtown factory which uses sawdust from the local timber industry to create 85% of its energy. Nestlé Australia field staff are also migrating to using hybrid cars (approximately 300 vehicles). They have undertaken a range of energy efficiency initiatives.

Company Pollution Information

Nestle sat at 130 on the list of the biggest electricity users in Australia in 2017-18.