RMIT is a university based in Melbourne with over 86,000 students.

100% Renewable Electricity Commitment by 2030

RMIT has not yet made a public commitment to 100% renewable electricity. However, it has made a commitment for its buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Power Purchase Agreement

RMIT has entered into a PPA to secure renewable energy through the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project. This project brought together a group of local governments, cultural institutions, universities and corporations to jointly purchase electricity from the Crowlands wind farm. This 80MW wind farm, consisting of 39 turbines, is located 20 kilometres north-east of Ararat. 25% of RMIT’s electricity is to be supplied by this wind farm from 2019.

On-site Solar

RMIT has installed a a 92kW solar PV system as part of its Sustainable Urban Precincts Program. This is intended to be a catalyst for further installations.

Company Pollution Information

RMIT ranked #281 on the list of the largest electricity users in Australia in 2018-19.