University of Queensland University of Queensland

University of Queensland has an enrolment of over 52,000 students.

100% Renewable Electricity Commitment by 2030

University of Queensland met its 100% renewable electricity in 2020, with the opening of the Warwick Solar Farm. The university produces more renewable electricity than it needs to power its campuses.

Power Purchase Agreement

Although University of Queensland (UQ) has not signed a PPA per se, in many ways it has gone further. The Warwick Solar Farm is an initiative to build, own, and operate a 64 MW ‘in front of meter’ renewable energy generator to offset 100% or more of UQ’s annual energy usage. The project was completed and operational in 2020. UQ is now a ‘gensumer’ – an active energy market participant on both the generation and consumer sides of the equation. UQ is the first university in the world to undertake such an initiative .

On-site Solar

The University of Queensland has installed 6.31 MW of behind the meter solar. This includes the 3.3 MW Gatton Solar Farm and over 34 rooftop solar arrays.

Company Pollution Information

Queensland University ranked #141 on the list of the largest electricity users in Australia in 2018-19.