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Vicinity Centres is a property management firm that manages many well known buildings.

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100% Renewable Electricity Commitment by 2030

Vicinity has made a public commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2030, and have stated to Greenpeace Australia Pacific that this also includes a 100% renewable electricity goal. Greenpeace is seeking public clarification of this commitment.

Power Purchase Agreement

Given its extensive rooftop space as a major property owner, Vicinity’s strategy is to meet its net zero carbon target through a mix of energy efficiency initiatives and on-site solar, rather than via a corporate power purchase agreement.

On-site Solar

In 2018, Vicinity announced a $73m investment into on-site solar in two stages which will deliver approximately 30MW capacity once complete. It is in the process of building a large solar shaded car park with more than 2,000 spaces across three shopping centres. Vicinity is also trialling innovations in renewable technology including bi-facial solar panels and solar glass.

Company Pollution Information

Vicinity ranked #94 on the list of the largest electricity users in Australia in 2018-19.