Report | Which industry is winning the corporate renewables race?

Download the report: REenergise 2020 Corporate Renewables Snapshot

2020 was the year that Australian businesses got serious about accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

Australian businesses are streaking ahead with clean energy commitments in 2020, with 28 of our biggest energy-using companies now well on their way to to 100% renewable electricity.

Big business means big energy.

A new report from Greenpeace Australia Pacific shows that cumulatively, Australian businesses are making huge investments in renewable energy. Aussie companies have so far committed to the clean energy equivalent to powering 1.3 million homes – more than all the homes in Brisbane and Perth combined!

Retailers are the clear leaders in the corporate race to renewables.

The report also finds some clear trends in the business renewable energy transition, with the retail industry emerging as the frontrunners with almost double the renewable electricity commitments of any other industry.


  • 28 of Australia’s biggest electricity-using companies have now made renewable energy commitments that, together, will drive 2.8GW of new renewable energy projects. 
  • 5038 clean energy jobs will be created as a result of these companies making the switch.
  • Renewable commitments from retailers ALDI, Woolworths, Bunnings and Officeworks alone will drive new demand of nearly 2GW (1893MW) of wind and solar – equivalent to the electricity consumption of 757,000 homes, creating 3,407 jobs.
  • 71% of Australians think that Australian companies should set a goal to get to 100% renewables as part of their responsibility for tackling climate change.

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